Diving in the Red Sea

Red Sea diving safari water surprised by its beauty and abundance of types of coral reefs. They can be flat, branched, spherical, have an unusual shape. Color also porazhaet- from bluish and dark yellow, passing into brown, soft red. But it is worth remembering that the color is only active – living corals when creatures die, they drop cloth cover, leaving only the white shade. Among the coral reefs found a huge variety of wildlife: crabs, numerous shrimp, urchins, and octopuses.

On the sea floor can be seen clams with sharp, flashy capes of different colors. Also, at this point a lot of live tropical fish: fish – angels, triggerfish, fish – parrots, etc. In the marine mass slowly moving large napoleons and groupers, moray eels hiding in the rocks. In total, the Red Sea live more than four hundred species of animals. Besides creatures accustomed to the area, where you can meet creatures that live only here – endemic. Their percentage among other animals is about 30%, and in some embodiments up to 90%. Also in this place can meet large turtles and dolphins.

Diving in the Red Sea prices

Diving in the Red Sea is becoming in demand. In the warm water temperature in the area, suitable for diving safari Red Sea Egypt, comes to 28 C in winter drops to 21-23 C. The seabed topography and thickness of different depth in places. Usually, dipping is performed in shallow lagoons have steep walls reef. You can also pick up a place with a strong current.